Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Style

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas – Would you like to have a living room with a warm, comfortable and above all cozy atmosphere? That is why this time we are going to show you a selection of images of several living rooms where this style has become the protagonist of each of these environments and that […]

Complete Modern Living Room Design

The high cost of the materials used in modern living room design does not necessarily imply that they are luxurious; So that a coating or piece of furniture complies with this quality; its quality must be impeccable and offer exclusivity to the client so as not to be a copy more of the pile. The […]

Beautiful Living Room Ideas on a Budget

When you have a limited budget, you can not afford to give a personal touch to your house. And at the same time arrive well at the end of the month. It’s difficult, but not impossible, so do not give up. Here we propose a few ways to decorate living room ideas on a budget […]

Colored Living Room Carpet Ideas

The living room carpet ideas provide warmth and comfort to any space and are an ideal solution to muffle the sound, thermally isolate the environment and dress it gracefully. In addition, they visually help to define different environments within a single space.  A very large carpet can make a space look smaller. A too small […]

Amazing Colors That Go with Gray

Colors that go with gray walls and carpets provide a sophisticated neutral palette for decorating your room. It is a blank canvas that will look beautiful with many different colors. Pale gray walls will complement almost any dominant color you choose for your furniture. It can look elegant and contemporary or it can also be […]

French Country Living Room Chair

Is there an easier way to summon the natural essence than with vegetation? To us and the design above it is difficult to find. That’s why we are delighted with the presence of plants is the room. We already mentioned wood as a fundamental material in french country living room. But this room reminds us […]

Amazing Beach Themed Room

Beach themed room – You can turn your house into a peaceful refuge by using a beach theme. The soft colors and natural elements associated with the beach will create a serene atmosphere. Through the use of colors, fabrics and decorative details, you can make your home a getaway by the sea, no matter how […]

How to Distress Furniture with Paint Best Design

How to distress furniture with paint – Spray painting furniture is a cheap way to quickly change the appearance of several pieces in your home that no longer match the look you are trying to create with the design of your room. The aerosol paint of a piece of furniture safely and effectively requires a […]

Painting Lamp Shades Remodel

Painting Lamp Shades – If you’re interested in crafts and everything handmade, you’re in luck because today I’m going to show you a very easy tutorial so you can paint a lamp shade yourself and redecorate the living room or bedroom. It seems incredible how much a certain environment can change, modifying only some elements […]

Grey Painted Rooms Simple

Grey Painted Rooms – Halfway between white and black, gray is the color of balance when we talk about decoration. A color that, in its lighter shades, does not obscure but that brings the note of distinction that is always associate with black without being as risk as this. Gray is a trend and if […]